Welcome to COMMANDmobile®

COMMANDmobile® is an integrated product suite featuring online and offline mobile data collection, web-based mobile device management, inventory tracking, web-based reporting, intelligent dispatching, job workflow, time tracking, and role-based security.

Born out of over a decade of experience delivering enterprise level mobile and web applications, COMMANDmobile® provides a proven foundation for deployment, management, and creation of mobile workforce applications.

COMMANDmobile® provides invaluable features necessary to delivering a manageable, sustainable, enterprise class data collection system out of the box including:

  • LDAP user authentication,
  • Support for workgroup or multiple site hierarchies,
  • Application roles and object permissions,
  • Mobile device management and inventory capability,
  • Real time mobile device tracking with GPS,
  • Mobile device security (auto-wipe in case of theft or loss),
  • Barcode/ RFID support,
  • Mobile device notifications and messaging,
  • Field data collection, and
  • Web-based reporting.

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