Seven Tips For More Efficient Mobile Data Collection Surveys

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Smartphones and tablet computers simplify the process of data collection in the field and can significantly improve data accuracy and business efficiency. With the use of mobile devices in the workplace continuing to increase – a Citrix report estimates that 89% of organizations will offer mobile workstyles by 2020 – it appears that the use of smartphones and tablet computers for data collection surveys will become more and more prevalent. 

For maximum efficiency, however, it is essential for an organization to create a useful and well-designed survey that captures the essential data vital to making well-informed business decisions. Here are seven considerations that should be taken into account when your employees create a survey on a mobile device platform:

1) Are the goals of your survey clearly defined? Give some thought to the objectives of the mobile survey and what data needs capturing, then create your survey questions accordingly.

2) Is it user-friendly? Data collection surveys that are easy to understand and use will enable field employees to gather data faster and more accurately.

3) Is there a “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ) section on the mobile device used for the survey? If unexpected questions come up regarding how to use the survey, the FAQ section can often provide answers without the necessity for a field employee to consume time e-mailing your office and waiting for an answer to arrive.

4) Are survey questions short and to the point? Longer, more complex survey questions may be harder for field employees to understand. Instead, complicated survey questions may be broken up into two or more questions to make employee comprehension easier.

5) Are there only four or five questions per page? Putting 10 questions or more on a survey page often results in longer wait times as a page loads. Using a shorter number of survey questions accelerates load times.

6) What type of answers are needed for the survey questions? Answers that require a simple “yes” or “no”, multiple-choice answers (such as A, B or C) or the use of a 1-10 rating scale are faster for an employee to answer than open-ended questions which require the user to type in information. If open-ended questions are necessary, it may be more useful to keep them to a minimum.

7) Will the survey have the same appearance on different mobile devices? Smartphones and tablet computers have different screen sizes, use different operating systems and have varying capabilities. Testing a survey’s appearance on different mobile devices before the survey goes into widespread use is a wise idea.

COMMANDmobile® makes it simple to create and use customized surveys so that your organization can quickly and efficiently gather field data on smartphones and tablet computers. For more information about COMMANDmobile, request a demo account or watch our video.

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