Logistics of Mobile Data Collection

COMMANDmobile LogisticsUnderstanding the logistics of deploying a mobile solution is just as important as the mobile solution itself.

In addition to its mobile data collection capabilities, COMMANDmobile contains a complete remote workforce management solution.

It is ideal for field service activities, with its intelligent dispatching and scheduling administration, real-time location tracking, digital signature collection, and customizable mobile reporting.

Tracen has developed a robust Device Management component within COMMANDmobile that incorporates Security and Mobile Device Setup (OTA / Provisioning).

With these important tools employers are able to maintain the mobile workforce without increased IT cost on helping to protect your return on investment.

COMMANDmobile Configuration SettingsCOMMANDmobile’s device management system allows for user authentication, application management, and device inventory to be managed from a single administrative interface.

This system allows updated applications and files to be pushed to devices, and manages user access to other applications to help promote productivity.

COMMANDmobile helps control access to the devices and helps manage the applications and data on the devices to keep them up to date.

COMMANDmobile tracks all inventory with a “check in-check out” module for all types of other devices, also. This provides real-time information on the four most important questions: What (device)? Who (employee)? When (in and out)? Where (what site)?

At Tracen Technologies, we recognize that small to medium size companies don’t always have the IT resources to build the needed forms and integrate new systems into their enterprise.

COMMANDmobile Contact UsWe are able to provide a full service package including devices, hosting, and integration. Our full service support allows our customers to concentrate on their business while be build and implement a mobile solution that changes the way they do business.

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