Detailed Product Information

COMMANDmobile includes native apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android, and provides web-based support for other mobile computing platforms.

Native applications allow COMMANDmobile forms to be used in both a network connected environment and disconnected environment.

Using COMMANDmobile, organizations can easily build and maintain customized forms, surveys, or inspections and dispatch them as jobs from a central server….Or, users in the field can create new jobs and forms on the fly.

COMMANDmobile DashboardThe main application dashboard displays a list of selectable forms, in addition to summary information and a read-only preview of the selected form.

Helpful information and answers to frequently asked questions are available from anywhere in the app, and a built-in tutorial can be opened by clicking on the yellow tab at the left of the screen.

In the forms view, you can send a PDF version of a selected form by email, or print a selected form to a printer over a Wi-Fi network.

You can also view a read-only version without data from the expanded preview panel, and create new jobs based on the selected form.

COMMANDmobie JobsWithin COMMANDmobile, a Job represents the type of function, which will be performed by the field worker (i.e. survey, interview, report, or other data collection).

After creating a Job, it will appear in your Active Jobs list in the Main Panel.

The Main panel displays your current Jobs list…the Data panel shows summary job information, including attached signatures and photos…and the Form preview panel contains a preview of the current job form.

COMMANDmobile Primary ControlsThe COMMANDmobile app contains quick and easy navigational links to your active jobs, assigned jobs, available forms, quick summary information, signatures and other attached media.

You can also sort your forms by priority and expand and collapse panels to gain a preferred view of your form data.

In the active jobs view, you can perform a wide range of data collection tasks.

You can open the selected job form and collect job data, such as job location, date, time, and person performing the job.

COMMANDmobile Data CollectionUsing the native mapping app, you can show the location of a selected job on a map.

In the edit mode, you can also enter the form data, which may include text, signatures, photos, and other attached media.

COMMANDmobile contains advanced data collection form features, including the use of optional sub-forms and question branching based on conditions you create in your customized form configuration.

COMMANDmobile Advanced FeaturesCOMMANDmobile supports the incorporating of photos, bar-coding, calculated fields and geocoding so users are able to develop all types of reports and applications to meet their field data collection needs.

Form data can be saved locally on your mobile device and then uploaded to central server when an Internet connection is available.

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