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COMMANDmobile® is a workforce management software for onsite inspections, field surveillance, field service calls, mobile surveys, and inventory tracking.

Thank you for taking this opportunity to get acquainted with COMMANDmobile – the flagship mobile data collection software and mobile workforce management solution from Tracen Technologies.

The COMMANDmobile platform has a wide range of applications for commercial business, governmental agencies, and non-governmental organizations.

COMMANDmobile Industry ApplicationsThe many applications of COMMANDmobile include conducting mobile surveys, completing onsite inspections, performing field surveillance, completing field service calls, and managing a dispersed workforce.

Leveraging the convergence of mobile computing, geo-location mapping, cloud computing, big-data analytics, and real-time information technologies, COMMANDmobile provides organizations with fast, easy, secure, efficient, and cost-effective ways to manage business and humanitarian operations.

Whether you are conducting a field survey, evaluating a remote project, monitoring a public health issue, or performing an onsite inspection, real-time mobile data collection is faster and more efficient than traditional methods of information management.

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