Mobile Data Collection Solutions for Surveys, Inspections, Inventory and Workforce Management

Accurate. Efficient. Real-time. Secure.

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Why COMMANDmobile?
● Improves workforce management
● Provides intelligent dispatching
● Reduces drive time for field workers
● Increases accurate time-tracking
● Reduces implementation time
● Reduces training time
● Increases productivity
● Eliminates redundancy
● Reduces errors
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COMMANDmobile® has a wide range of applications for commercial businesses, governmental agencies, and non-governmental organizations.

The many applications of COMMANDmobile® include conducting mobile surveys, completing onsite inspections, performing field surveillance, completing field service calls, and managing a dispersed workforce.

Leveraging the convergence of mobile computing, geo-location mapping, cloud computing, big-data analytics, and real-time information technologies, COMMANDmobile® provides organizations with fast, easy, secure, efficient, and cost-effective ways to manage business and humanitarian operations.

Whether you are conducting a field survey, evaluating a remote project, monitoring a public health issue, or performing an onsite inspection, real-time mobile data collection is faster and more efficient than traditional methods of information management.

Command Mobile Is Ideal For Numerous Applications:

Mobile Applications
• Mobile Inspections
• Mobile Surveys
• Mobile Invoicing / Sales
• Mobile Credit Card Processing
• Wi-Fi / CDMA / GSM Enabled
Inventory Tracking
• Inventory Management – Barcode and RFID Functionality
• RMA – Replacement Management
Mobile Reporting
• Customizable Mobile Reports
• Attach Pictures to Reports
• Geocoding of Pictures / Data
• Barcode / RFID Support
• Immediately Upload Completed Reports
• Next Dispatched Job Notification
Dispatching Solution for Field Service Activities
• Ideal for Inspections, Service Calls, and Surveys
• Scheduling Administration
• Real-time Location Tracking
• Work Orders, Digital Signature Collection and Time Reporting
Device Management
• Over the Air Device Set-up
• Device Data Encryption
• Real Time Device Location
• Vehicle Location Logging
• On-line / Offline ASSET Tracking
• Enhanced Device Security
Compelling Benefits Ensure Maximum Return On Investment
• Web Services
• Ease of Integration with Existing Enterprise Systems
• Quick Implementation
• Fully Customizable
• Supports Existing Security Models
• Full Service Package Available, Including: Devices, Hosting, and Integration