Mobile Computing Technology Benefits Small Businesses

In a recent article by Winmark Business Solutions, “Survey shows small businesses using mobile technology, but want it more relevant,” a survey conducted by Harris Interactive and funded by Bank of the West provided some interesting insights into the world of mobile computing as it is used by small businesses. Harris Interactive polled a number of small businesses and found that 94% of small businesses said that marketing was the best way to use mobile technology, followed by mobile payments at 82% and customer relationship databases at 63%.

The article also mentions that mobile technology is being used for other office-related activities, such as reporting voice calls, e-mail, texting, instant messaging, calendars and scheduling. But some small business owners have been reluctant to adopt mobile computing devices due to security reasons, the cost of implementing mobile security devices such as smartphones and tablets, the difficulty of merging new applications into existing enterprise systems, or the gap between what their businesses provide and how the power of mobile technology can be harnessed to serve their businesses and customers.

With the number of mobile or telecommuting workers predicted to rise to 1.3 billion by 2015, there will be greater demand for mobile and connected employees. I believe that we are just beginning to tap into the vast capabilities offered by the mobile technology industry and that even more interesting technological developments will come in the future as the industry continues to mature.

Mobile technology has made significant financial improvements in a number of different industries such as manufacturing, oil/gas production, health, public safety, security, forestry and agriculture. Adapting Tracen’s COMMANDmobile® mobile data collection software and mobile workforce management solution to suit the varying needs of our customers is a constant and exciting challenge.

In addition, COMMANDmobile is expressly engineered to combat the traditional objections to the adoption of mobile computing. It offers LDAP user authentication to ensure that data remains secure, is adaptable for multiple operating systems and legacy software, and provides the ability to create customized forms, surveys and reports for data collection in the field.

COMMANDmobile offers additional business benefits:

  • Improved worker productivity – Data can be more quickly and accurately recorded onto mobile devices and sent to a remote server with ease.
  • Improved monitoring of employee and job progress – Through geotagging, workers and jobs may be easily monitored by upper-level management in real time to ensure that jobs are being performed and completed on time.
  • Faster, more accurate business decisions – By providing easy access to real-time data, executives can make more informed decisions in a shorter period of time, particularly advantageous in the fast-paced and competitive business world.

For a more detailed explanation of COMMANDmobile, view our product information video or request a demo.

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