Thumbs up to IFTT (If This Than That)!

IFTTT has been a simple but powerful tool. There are many positives in using the platform, especially when it comes to product integrations. Today we will be focusing on the negatives to assist us while evaluating the application stack. The main downfall that we have seen is the lack of adoption to the platform by some automation products. .It is essential for users to research their automatin poduct’s support options for IFTT. Automation is provided utilizing service connections between IFTT and the automation product’s host application.

With this tool, we can get notifications or link different but similar automation product’s together. For example, I can connect my Todoist To-Do lists to my Google calendar, so calendar events go into my to-do list, where I track my day. It allows us to use the tools we feel comfortable with while still connecting to devices that we may not use as often and connect different software platforms quickly and reliably. With this tool, we can get notifications or link other but similar devices.

We have noted that there is some overlap in functionality between IFTT AND Microsoft Flow. As we investigate Flow, we will expose the critical difference!

Good Dynamics Integration with BlackBerry Enterprise Server

Background & Summary:

BlackBerry has recently (Nov 2, 2015) acquired Good Dynamics (Good),[i],[ii] and they are in the early stages of integrating Good services with BlackBerry Enterprise Server/Services (BES).[iii],[iv] In particular, the earliest version of BES providing said integration is BES12.4 (prior versions offer zero native integration with Good),[iii],[v] As yet, integration is minimal and unpolished, [v],[vi] ,[vii] but the upcoming BES12.5 is projected to feature full and seamless integration between the two services. [vi]

Integration Resources:

Both Good and BES offer free trials via their cloud services[viii][ix].

A limited amount of documentation has been found for integrating Good with BES.[x] One resource is particularly helpful and provides a step by step guide from various starting points (e.g. upgrading from prior versions of BES or pre-acquisition Good services.v

Forums are low in activity and frequently lack responses, but they are not void of useful information.[xi]

Hands-on Integration Observations:

Despite the acquisition and claimed “integration,” Good and BES yet remain substantially separate and independent products.[xii],[xiii] However, BES12.4 console does offer limited functionality for managing Good apps on client devices, as well as single enrollment for both services and the ability to manage both product licenses from a single interface.[xiv],[xv] Importantly, BES12 does not yet offer integration with Good custom apps (i.e. apps created using the Good SDK/API, running on the Good Dynamics Platform). [vi]

Even the pre-existing Good services are rough around the edges.[xvi] Good is not supported on a number of high-profile devices.[xvii],[xviii]

Appendix A: Further Research

For the writing of this paper, the free trial of Good Control Cloud Service was used to develop custom sample apps wrapped with Good services and run on the Good Dynamics Platform.  These sample apps could be further developed and explored to better determine the applicable technical hurdles for the sake of gaining the kind of detailed development information not typically found in documentation.

It would be beneficial to take advantage of the free trial of BES12.4 as well to try out first-hand the available integrations of Good within BES Management Console.

Although BES12.3 and prior versions do not have any native integration of Good services, it remains to be seen as to the degree of compatibility (if any) between apps designed for the Good Dynamics Platform and the EMM services of BES versions prior to 12.4.

Appendix B: Other Pertinent References

High-level summary of BES12:

Good White Papers, Brochures, Data Sheets, etc.:

Some history and background on Good Dynamics: and

General information about BES10:

Good Mobile App Containerization:

Good Dynamics Developer Network (includes Downloads, Samples, API Reference, Documentation, Forum, etc.):

Seems to imply that “Good for BES12” is all that is necessary to connect to BES12 on a client iOS device (as opposed to Android and Windows Phone, which more intuitively require “BES12 Client” – “more intuitive” in view of the current state of integration):

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[vi] Conversations with sales and tech representatives, a BES specialist, and a Good Dynamics specialist (3/19/2016, 3/21/2016; all connected via 877.255.2377).

[vii] See “Integration Experience” on page 1.

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[xii] Prior to BlackBerry’s acquisition of Good Dynamics, the two were providing overlapping services:,2-681.html

[xiii] As yet, BlackBerry is still providing the option to use Good services independently of BES. In particular, this trial sign-up is for setting up and accessing the Good Control Cloud, which is an online management console for managing Good services:

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[xvi] Good Technology apps have poor reviews:

[xvii] Good is known to be incompatible with the Nexus 10 wifi tablet and a number of other high-profile devices:

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DeAnna Davidson is a proven technologist and business leader who is passionate about the power of mobile computing to revolutionize a business or industry, and dedicated to helping organizations use mobile, wireless, and web technologies to their advantage.

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About DeAnna Davidson

DeAnna Davidson is a proven technologist and business leader who is passionate about the power of mobile computing to revolutionize a business or industry, and dedicated to helping organizations use mobile, wireless, and web technologies to their advantage.