Workforce Management with Mobile Devices

Spotlight On Mobile Strategies

Spotlight On Mobile Strategies

With the use of smartphones and tablet computers gaining in popularity, they have established a growing presence in workforce management. Due to their convenience and portability, these devices help a mobile workforce to provide added value to their employers.

In the future, businesses and federal agencies will need to adapt to this changing technological environment to remain competitive in the business world. According to a SlideShare presentation by VCD Research Group, the mobile workforce represents over 1 billion workers globally and is expected to reach 1.2 billion by 2014. Only 15% of this workforce currently uses some type of mobile device, however.

The “consumerization of IT” – the tendency of using new information technology products in the consumer market and later having it expand to enterprise and government markets – has been an important factor in the evolving use of mobile devices for business purposes. In addition, these mobile devices have become more affordable as their popularity improves, so their adoption by employees can be expected to rise in the next few decades.

Mobile devices and a workforce management system can provide significant benefits for business owners and government agencies that adopt this mobile technology:

  • Two-way communication between employers and employees is faster, so that employees may conduct their work with less frequent delays.
  • Workers can interact with customers and vendors from virtually any network or non-network location.
  • Work orders, invoices and other business-related forms can be filled out electronically, preserved and sent via e-mail.
  • Through the use of geotagging, employees’ work can be easily monitored by upper-level management.
  • Data entry and record management becomes less time-consuming and more accurate.

But there are also security concerns that need to be addressed. Mobile devices commonly store proprietary information that could be compromised in the event that a device was lost, damaged or stolen. Businesses therefore need to be proactive and protect their data through user authentication and other security protocols.

A workforce management system such as COMMANDmobile® fulfills the need for mobile device security and can be easily integrated into a mobile workforce environment. Other advantages include:

  • Increased security: Data stored through COMMANDmobile is protected by several security protocols to ensure the safety of information stored on the user’s smartphone or tablet computer.
  • Ease of use: The COMMANDmobile system includes tutorials and FAQs so that a mobile workforce can easily master how to use the system.
  • Ease of adoption: COMMANDmobile can be used with various mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, Androids and other mobile devices.

For more information about COMMANDmobile, request a demo account or contact us for details.

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Spotlight on Mobile Strategies

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