Top 10 iPad and iPhone Tricks and Tips

iPad Mobile Data CollectioniPad and iPhone tricks and tips are some of the most enjoyable skills to learn and implement. iPads and other mobile data collection devices are making your work more efficient and saving your company money. But is it not time that you figured out how to optimize your work and utilize your precious time in ways other than messing around trying to figure out shortcuts in order to create iPad and iPhone tricks? Well if you are interested in learning the latest tips and tricks to using your iPad and working with your mobile data collection device – continue reading!

From passwords, security, constantly running apps, annoying notifications, organization tips and more, this article is for you if you are interested in learning the 10 must-use iPad and iPhone tricks and tips.

1. Password Lock

When using your iPad to access mobile data collection software, COMMAND Mobile already provides built in state-of-the-art security to protect your device. But are there other ways you can protect your mobile data collection device as well? Here is one very useful setting to implement – Navigate to Settings > General > Passcode Lock > Erase Data. What does this do? If someone attempts to hack into your device but fails to input the correct password after 10 tries, all the data on the device will be deleted for your protection.

2. Efficiently Switch Apps – Locate All Running Apps

Use the following shortcut keys to save time and work faster. Find the Home button and double click on it. From there your iPad will display all of the open apps at the bottom of your screen. Keep working with your shortcut keys by selecting the app you would like to view by simply clicking on it.

3. Creating Shortcut Keys for Your Keyboard

It is officially time to stop typing the same phrase over and over again. Use shortcut keys to end the redundancy. The following steps outline how to create the best shortcut keys for your mobile data collection device. Go to Settings > General > Keyboard. Then click Add New Shortcut. When that window opens, type the whole phrase into the window. Then type the shortcut (the new shorter phrase you will now be typing on a regular basis). Save the settings. When you type this shortcut phrase into your work, the phrase will automatically expand into the desired longer phrase.

4. Create Folders

Folders are fantastic organizing tools while using mobile data collection software. In order to create a folder on your iPad, press on an app until it starts to jiggle. From there, drag the app to an icon that you would like to add to the new folder along with the jiggled app. Once you do that, a folder will be created with both apps already inside of it. Feel free to give the folder a name to make it more personalized.

5. End “Join Wi-Fi Networks” Notifications

Each time you turn on your iPad, I am sure you are greeted with the same message that I am – “Join Wi-Fi Network…” Thankfully there is a way to end the constant confrontation of this message while still being able to join your desired network. Simply go to Settings > Wi-Fi > Turn off “Ask to Join Networks.” And then, success!

6. Add a Google Calendar

Sync up your dates and times by adding a Google calendar to your iPad Calendar. Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar > Add Account > Other > Add CalDAV Account. Then enter your Google Account credentials and you are all set! Check out your Calendar app to see your events right in front of you.

7. Cut, Copy, Paste

First, double-tap on the word you would like to select. Then use the handles to drag and shape to the specific area that you would like to select. Then choose either Copy or Cut. From there, tap the desired new location and select Paste to add the content to its new home.

8. Use an Apple keyboard

When finishing up a report, sometimes it is simply easier and more efficient to use a keyboard compared to the iPad interface. Try purchasing an Apple keyboard to complement your iPad.

9. Enlarge your iPhone Safari Screen.

Did you know you are able to expand Safari’s viewing screen on your iPhone? Turn your phone horizontally so it switches to landscape mode. Click on the far-right button on the bottom menu bar. You will now have cleared away the clutter to view Safari easier.

10. Read your iPhone Offline.

Whether you are monitoring your data plan or would like to secure what you are reading for future use, check out the Reading List on your iPhone. While on the web page, select the Safari share button. Within the share options will be “Add to Reading List.” Select that option and then place the selection in the proper folder. Now, whether or not you have Internet connection, you will have access to your page.

Finally, you can start making your iPad “yours” and much more personalized by implementing the above iPad and iPhone tricks. In addition to having an optimized iPad, check out COMMANDmobile’s software to equip your workers with the best mobile data technology in the field.

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