Thumbs up to IFTT (If This Than That)!

IFTTT has been a simple but powerful tool. There are many positives in using the platform, especially when it comes to product integrations. Today we will be focusing on the negatives to assist us while evaluating the application stack. The main downfall that we have seen is the lack of adoption to the platform by some automation products. .It is essential for users to research their automatin poduct’s support options for IFTT. Automation is provided utilizing service connections between IFTT and the automation product’s host application.

With this tool, we can get notifications or link different but similar automation product’s together. For example, I can connect my Todoist To-Do lists to my Google calendar, so calendar events go into my to-do list, where I track my day. It allows us to use the tools we feel comfortable with while still connecting to devices that we may not use as often and connect different software platforms quickly and reliably. With this tool, we can get notifications or link other but similar devices.

We have noted that there is some overlap in functionality between IFTT AND Microsoft Flow. As we investigate Flow, we will expose the critical difference!

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