Six Ways Mobile Data Collection Improves Tank Farm Management

Tank Farm: courtesy of Wikipedia.

Tank Farm: courtesy of Wikipedia.

Within the fuel industry, tank farms are a crucial method of storing crude oil, solvents or other liquid substances. These tank farms consist of large tanks that store thousands of gallons of potentially hazardous liquids and require a well-developed management system to prevent potential problems such as environmental damage, safety hazards and financial loss.

In recent decades, wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi network adapters, wireless routers, antennas and video cameras have become a common method of tank farm management. Tank storage facility owners adopted these technologies since they allowed tank farms to be monitored and managed with greater ease and significant cost savings. For example, the cost of a wireless solution at a tank farm is 50% of the cost of a wired installation, according to New Jersey industrial automation distributor Industrial Controls’ “Industrial Wireless Cost Savings: A Tank Farm Example”. [Read more…]

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