Workforce Management with Mobile Devices

Spotlight On Mobile Strategies

Spotlight On Mobile Strategies

With the use of smartphones and tablet computers gaining in popularity, they have established a growing presence in workforce management. Due to their convenience and portability, these devices help a mobile workforce to provide added value to their employers.

In the future, businesses and federal agencies will need to adapt to this changing technological environment to remain competitive in the business world. According to a SlideShare presentation by VCD Research Group, the mobile workforce represents over 1 billion workers globally and is expected to reach 1.2 billion by 2014. Only 15% of this workforce currently uses some type of mobile device, however. [Read more…]

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DeAnna Davidson is a proven technologist and business leader who is passionate about the power of mobile computing to revolutionize a business or industry, and dedicated to helping organizations use mobile, wireless, and web technologies to their advantage.