Public Health Surveillance In Rural Communities Via Mobile Health Data Collection

The Dept. of Health, Mobile Ophthalmic Clinic....

The Dept. of Health, Mobile Ophthalmic Clinic. Operating in Arab villages of the South Country, N.E. of Gaza. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gathering meaningful public health data from low-income rural communities poses significant challenges for healthcare authorities. Due to inadequate financial resources, disadvantaged communities lack the components of modern technology such as access to computers, landline telephones and reliable electrical power stations. In addition, other factors such as civil unrest and an inadequate transportation infrastructure hamper data collection.

In these communities, field workers collect public health data utilizing a paper-based system; the data is later taken from a paper format and converted into an electronic format for easier evaluation by medical professionals. Although functional, manual data entry collation has its disadvantages. [Read more…]

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