At Age 40, the Mobile Phone Gets Unleashed on the Crude Oil and Natural Gas Sector

Martin Cooper, wireless communications pioneer

(Photo: Eric Risberg, AP)

This past April marked the 40th anniversary of the first call on a mobile phone – certainly one of the most important phone calls in technology history.

Today, mobile phones are everywhere in 2013 – with an estimated 6 billion mobile phone subscribers and a global smartphone population of over one billion.

The past several decades also have seen these handheld data repositories and transmitters become an integral part of 21st century industry.

Even Mining, Crude Oil, Natural Gas, and the resources industries have embraced the mobile revolution.

Recently, we came across this Oil and Gas IQ infographic summarizing the trends, challenges, and requirements related to mobile device implementation in the Oil and Natural Gas industry around the world. Below are some findings of their Oil and Gas industry survey: [Read more…]

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