Six Ways Mobile Technology Improves Utility Company Workforce Management

Workforce management and data collection software makes it easier to monitor field service workers and improve efficiency and productivity in a mobile workforce.

Mobile Growth

Mobile Growth

Because utility companies use a workforce that is mostly mobile, measuring employee performance in the field is complicated. Since field service workers are trusted to work on their own and are often away from on-scene supervision, management sometimes has to rely on judging employees through criteria such as job completion forms and customer satisfaction reports from consumers, businesses and government agencies.

Now, monitoring field service workers electronically has become an important way to realize company success. With the development of workforce management software, it is easier to monitor mobile employees more closely and use the information gained from software solutions to create improvements within the company.

According to a January 30, 2014 Business2Community article by Joyce Tam, “Optimizing Mobile Workforce Performance in 2014”, Tam points out that best-in-class companies are nearly 40% more likely to use workforce management solutions to optimize resources and work management processes. Tam, a California-based expert in next-generation field service solution strategies, also notes that by collecting and analyzing data on the number of miles driven, traffic patterns, time spent on site, the proximity between driver stops, idle times and fuel use, leaders are more likely to spot patterns and see areas in need of improvement.

Workforce management and data collection solutions such as COMMANDmobile® is particularly suited to telephone companies, electrical power providers, gas companies, water companies and other utility-based organizations since it offers a faster, easier method of monitoring field service visits and other mobile employee activity. COMMANDmobile helps employers to:

1) Identify underperforming employees. COMMANDmobile offers geo-tagging capabilities so that data clearly shows the work sites a mobile employee has visited and the employee’s progression from one site to another.

2) Determine if jobs were done correctly. If repeat visits are made to the same work sites and documented through COMMANDmobile, these visits could indicate a need for better training so that fuel, funds, time and manpower are not wasted by an employee’s need to revisit a work site.

3) Reduce miscommunication between field service workers and office employees. COMMANDmobile helps employees to communicate with each other through e-mail, so that utility workers understand work orders more clearly and accidental verbal mistakes made during phone calls are eliminated.

4) Eliminate data entry errors. COMMANDmobile eliminates the need for paper forms, since field workers enter information directly onto a smartphone or tablet computer and e-mail that information back to a head office.

5) Allocate resources as needed. By analyzing data gathered through COMMANDmobile, real-time performance obstructions are more evident. Resources such as funds and utility employees can be sent to where they are most needed, which can be particularly useful in situations such as widespread power outages and natural disasters that affect a community’s infrastructure.

6) Use existing BYOD (bring your own device) mobile technology. COMMANDmobile may be used with iPads, iPhones, Androids and other mobile devices.

To learn more details about COMMANDmobile, request a demo account or watch our product information video.

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