Sequestration And Workforce Productivity Implications

iPad Mobile Data CollectionSince sequestration went into effect in March of 2013, it has tested the adaptability and creativity of government agencies and private sector enterprises. Within many organizations, budgets have been cut by millions or even billions of dollars. Employees have been furloughed or laid off, and federal grants for research or public programs experienced a reduction in availability.

To date, sequestration policies have affected multiple sectors such as defense, healthcare, transportation, education, parks and recreation services, and criminal justice. Sequestration is also expected to have long-term effects throughout 2014 and beyond.

Despite the reduction in funds and employees, organizations face the challenge of completing mission-critical work in order to ensure that government and business contracts remain fulfilled. In the months prior to sequestration, some companies anticipated the multiple effects that sequestration would have on their productivity, choosing to make acquisitions in order to diversify their portfolios and expand their potential markets.

Similarly, government agencies are expected to cope with new financial shortages by encouraging existing employees to take early retirement or by freezing the hiring of new employees. Other agencies have opted for hiring less costly employees, shifting resources to business areas that require the greatest financial investment or postponing future initiatives until the economy returns to a healthier level.

For government agencies and private sector companies, investing in mobile data collection technology solutions such as COMMANDmobile® enables them to reap the benefits of improved productivity despite budget cuts:

  • Field workers perform data collection swiftly and efficiently, improving productivity and ensuring the completion of projects according to budget and time constraints.
  • Work orders are transmitted online to field workers, saving transportation expenses since field workers reduce their need to come into offices to pick up work orders.
  • Costly and time-consuming workforce training is kept to a minimal level.
  • COMMANDmobile provides multi-platform support, bypassing the necessity of purchasing extra applications, smartphones and tablet computers to ensure functionality.
  • Use of time cards and paper forms for field data collection is eliminated, so that financial resources normally spent on paper can be diverted to other business sectors.
  • Data collection and entry is more accurate, reducing the possibility of accidental errors which are time-consuming to repair.
  • Data collection and transmittal to multiple stakeholders is simplified, eliminating redundancy.
  • COMMANDmobile supports onsite photos, bar coding and geotagging to substantiate data collection, providing organizations with real-time information for making more informed decisions about allocating resources.

COMMANDmobile comprehensive structure and versatility can significantly increase an organization’s success. Request a demo account to see the benefits of implementing COMMANDmobile into your company.

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