Features COMMANDmobile EE
(Enterprise Edition)
(Standard Edition)
$24.99 / month
$64.99 / quarter
$239.99 / year
On-line Form Creation and Deployment
Aggregation of Devices & Data
E-mail PDF Forms
Direct Signature Capture Within Forms
Attach Photos (w/ GPS) or Pictures
Offline Data Capture
Sub Forms-Conditional Form Display-Multiple forms per Element
Data Export via RSS
Data Export via MS Excel
250 GB Server Data Storage Limit Included
Cutomizable Help & Offline Document Sync
Cm API Support (XML / Web Services)
Customizable User Interface:
Logos / Backgrounds / Color Scheme
Isolated Server Instance and Database
Aggregation of Data by Site
Employee Time Tracking
Dispatch and Tracking of Devices
LDAP User Authentication
Inventory and Configuration Management

*Price does not include server setup and customization fees
COMMANDmobile EE is offered as a cloud service or server software license, and is charged per client connection.
COMMANDmobile SE is offered via In-App Purchase.
Prices subject to change without notice.

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