New Downhole Drilling Additive May Help Make U.S. the World’s Top Oil Producer

New Downhole DrillingWith groundbreaking techniques, the energy and oil and gas industries are now able to save both customer and company money.  Over $700,000 is being saved from the customers’ standpoint, per well per 30+ day drilling period, reports Sunset Industries. Being the company that cuts that much money from your customers will definitely get you a gold star as a business. When your customers are happy, so are you. The following article provides insights about the new groundbreaking technique using the ProOne additive, as well as ramping up your technology infrastructure using real-time mobile data collection. Check out the section below for details about the new downhole drilling slurry additive that is making energy and oil and gas competitors scramble.

What does the new energy and oil and gas industries’ new downhole drilling slurry additive do?

The oil and gas new downhole drilling slurry additive is the secret potion for solving high torque issues. In addition, the new downhole drilling additive helps get the weight to bit in environments most crucial to stable, secure and safe drilling locations – such as in areas with high levels of friction, heat or pressure.

So what is the secret recipe for saving over $700,000 per well per 30+ day drilling period?

The answer: ProOnes’ Bio-stable New Downhole Drilling Fluid additive

What do the numbers say about how the energy and oil and gas industries benefit from using ProOne?

Rigzone’s just-released report provides the following facts from a customer’s story: “ProOne saved the operator over $700,000, saving 6 days of drilling at $80,000/day, which equates to $480,000. The operator also saved $80,000 for a one-day vertical trip as well as $80,000 for a one-day lateral trip. The operator had budgeted for three total drill bits and three total mud motors and only used one each, thus saving $25,000 per bit and $7,000 per motor, equating to $704,000 in total savings to the customer.”

Is this success sustainable within the energy industry?

Yes. Going off the above story, the same operator has experienced equivalent high levels of savings. For the 18 months that he has been using the additive the saves have been steadfast, according to Rigzone.

Sounds great, but does the additive cover all oil and gas fields?

Sure does. Rigzone quotes Mike Long, CEO of Sunset Industries, explaining, “The downhole slurry additive is a “one-size-fits-all fluid. It is extremely versatile, and has worked in every field we’ve tried so far. It works in oil-based, water-based or brine, in all resource plays and wellbores.” Sunset Industries distributes ProOne.

Are there additional ways to ramp up our company and save us more money?

From the hardcore additives to other improvements within the oil and gas industries, there are improvements that are “must-haves” in order to not only stay ahead of the competition but to also save your company money at the same time. Check out COMMANDmobile for ways to improve your company’s technology infrastructure. With COMMAND Mobile, your workforce will be able to:

  • Readily report information about wells and work progress
  • Track drilling progress
  • Push assignments to specific workers
  • Capture signatures and barcodes
  • Allow works to clock in and out
  • Cut down paper waste
  • Increase worker productivity
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