Mobile Tracking Devices Spurring Innovation and Efficiency

Now more than ever, organizations have the opportunity to create efficient and flexible work environments and use mobile tracking devices to spur innovation and efficiency. For a scattered workforce, employee location tracking can take many forms and yield many benefits to the efficient operation of the enterprise. For optimal efficiency, companies should select mobile tracking devices that work best for their workplace environment and the employees within it. Current monitoring systems include:

  • Employee location tracking
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Video surveillance
  • Phone monitoring
  • Computer monitoring
  • Inspections

The new mobile data collection software provided by COMMAND Mobile allows companies to gather and report employees and company vehicles. By placing a careful ‘eye’ on the company and providing an operating structure, employers will increase efficiency by minimizing opportunities to use time inefficiently. Mobile tracking devices will allow workers to report breaks when they need them as well as clock in and out of work in a manner that is most efficient for the workers – while on the road!

Additional Benefits of Tracking Devices:

  • Stolen vehicle security
  • Driving Route Analysis/Finding shorter driving distances
  • Money and time saved

Other than improving employee efficiency, mobile tracking devices can increase a company’s safety by tracking stolen vehicles. To some, safety is more important than privacy. Additionally, companies can trace and analyze driving patterns to calculate the most efficient driving route for drivers. These routes can avoid traffic, construction, and safer paths during rough weather. By driving more efficiently, companies can save both time and money. Shorter driving distance results in less fuel used, benefiting the environment and the company’s bank account.

If you and your company wish to increase productivity while working collaboratively with employees to increase safety, profits, and time management, then making a switch to mobile data collection devices may be the best choice. Check out COMMAND Mobile to learn more and get mobile employee surveillance devices for your company today.

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