Mobile Devices are Playing an Expanding Role in Law Enforcement

Mobile devices are transforming law enforcement in fundamental respects. New and emerging technologies are playing an increasingly crucial role in the daily work of frontline police officers, equipping them with enforcement and investigative tools that have the potential to make them better informed and more effective.Police Chief Magazine.

law enforcement technology

Law Enforcement Technology

For police officers working in the field or moving around police stations, mobile technology offers considerable convenience and greater efficiency. Although squad cars are routinely equipped with standard portable devices such as laptop computers, portable fingerprint scanners, Breathalyzer units and license plate readers, the adoption of mobile computing devices such as smartphones and tablet computers is on the rise and helps to increase closed cases and cost savings.

In California’s Orange County, for example, the use of smartphones increased graffiti case solving by 1,587% since 2007, when Orange County law enforcement and transportation agencies used smartphones in conjunction with specially designed software that tracked the activity of graffiti vandals and record evidence for prosecution.

Similarly, blogger Emmy Silak notes that Cambridgeshire police officers in the United Kingdom are testing tablet computers that could save about $13 billion over four years and 10,000 working hours per week, according to her November 2013 blog post “Rugged Tablets Aid Law Enforcement” for Texas-based tablet manufacturer Xplore Technologies.

Mobile computing devices are particularly helpful in law enforcement, where the timeliness and accuracy of information directly influences life and death. Smartphones and tablet computers make many routine law enforcement tasks much quicker and easier.

Law enforcement personnel use their mobile devices for different jobs, including taking images of crime victims or forensic evidence during investigations, accessing a variety of criminal databases, capturing signatures of law violators during traffic stops, and remaining in touch with coworkers and supervisors at police stations.

Through its ability to provide improved mobile data collection and mobile workforce management, COMMANDmobile® is potentially useful for local, state and national law enforcement agencies. COMMANDmobile provides:

1) Customized forms – COMMANDmobile permits data entry forms and other forms to be tailored as needed, so that users enter the correct information in conjunction with existing law enforcement.

2) Fast, accurate transmission of data – Police officers can quickly transmit information to their superiors and fellow employees with COMMANDmobile.

3) Better mobility – COMMANDmobile is adaptable for several portable devices such as iPhones, iPads, Androids and other mobile devices.

4) Data analytics capability – The COMMANDmobile data collection system allows users to easily record data patterns for later analysis.

5) Ease of use – COMMANDmobile has built-in tutorials and a frequently asked questions section, so that first-time users quickly learn how to use it.

6) Convenient geotagging – COMMANDmobile’s mobile workforce management capabilities enable users to track the location of police officers in field locations.

To learn more about COMMANDmobile, view our product information video or request a demo.

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