Mobile Data Collection And Wastewater Treatment

From the monitoring of wastewater spills to the supporting of green practices in wastewater treatment,  innovations in wireless mobile data collection technologies keep the water flowing.

wastewater treatment monitoringEasy access to clean, potable water is crucial to the basic infrastructure of communities, but chronic water shortages are common in many countries worldwide. According to a 2013 UN University article by Stephen Leahy, “Dwindling Water Supplies Make Every Drop Count,” water demand exceeds supply in regions with more than 40 percent of the world’s population, and that figure may rise to 60 percent in the next decade.

A common method of providing this clean water is to recycle wastewater through the use of wastewater treatment. For public safety, wastewater treatment is subject to government regulations, which necessitate regular monitoring of water quality.

Now that mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers are more in demand in the business world, their use in the wastewater treatment industry has rapidly grown. Mobile devices provide field workers with a simpler method of recording on-site data into electronic survey forms as the data is collected at treatment ponds, drainage networks and water sources such as streams, lakes and reservoirs.

Incorporating a mobile data collection system into wastewater treatment offers additional value to treatment plant owners. By reducing the necessity of using paper forms, the potential for accidental errors decreases and data can be more easily collected in a centralized location for faster processing and more efficient decision making in real time.

In addition to increased data accuracy, quicker data processing and faster decision making, the benefits of integrating a mobile data collection system such as COMMANDmobile® into the management systems of wastewater treatment include:

Versatility – COMMANDmobile is ideal for conducting mobile surveys, recording data from water quality tests, performing site inspections or making notes about necessary maintenance jobs.

Ease of use by field employees – The COMMANDmobile data collection system is easy for field workers to learn and allows a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section to be created if a worker has an additional question about how to use the system.

Customization – COMMANDmobile permits the easy creation of customizable forms that can be tailored to suit the needs of different work orders.

Two-way communication – COMMANDmobile helps management and field employees to easily communicate with each other, and it permits geo-tagging so that management can track the movement of field workers through work sites.

Security – The COMMANDmobile data collection system has built-in safeguards to protect crucial information from being seen and misused by unauthorized personnel.

Adaptability – COMMANDmobile may be used with multiple operating systems and mobile devices such as iPads, iPhones and Androids.

For more details about COMMANDmobile, request a demo account or view the COMMANDmobile product information video.

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