Mobile Data Collection Technologies Return on Investment

ROI of Mobile Data Collection TechnologiesThere are varying models used to calculate the Return on Investment (ROI) for the implementation of mobile data collection technologies, especially within an enterprise environment. The following outlines some of the benefits of the COMMANDmobile® platform.

  1. Reduced drive time for field workers – Workers no longer have to come into the office to pick up and drop off daily work orders.
  2. Accurate time tracking – Filling out a time card is no longer needed. The mobile device can fill out an accurate time card based on actual locations, travel time, and project work time.
  3. Intelligent dispatching – Dispatching can be done based on field workers current positions and workload, including the ability to actively manage field technicians work queue.
  4. Reduced need for multiple devices – If a mobile device that includes a camera and GPS is selected, COMMANDmobile® allows for attaching supporting photographs to the collected data and adding a GPS location to ensure the photograph was really collected onsite.
  5. Eliminate redundancy – Our customers have been able to reduce the amount of staff required to perform their work by eliminating the redundancy of entering field data twice.
  6. Reduced errors – Because data goes directly into the system from the source, the errors that come from data re-entry or entry by someone else are eliminated.
  7. Minimal training required – It is impossible to achieve the maximum return on investment if the solution is not used effectively by field workers. COMMANDmobile® includes built in tutorials to help guide field users through proper use of the application.

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