Features of Mobile Data Collection Software

Mobile Data Collection Software Features.

Mobile Data Collection Software Features

Tracen Technologies, Inc. has developed one of the most comprehensive and powerful data collection software solutions for mobile surveys, field inspections, inventory management, workforce management, and monitoring and evaluation projects. COMMANDmobile® by Tracen Technologies is a data collection software solution with numerous applications.

Mobile Applications
• Mobile Inspections
• Mobile Surveys
• Mobile Invoicing / Sales
• Mobile Credit Card Processing
• Wi-Fi / CDMA / GSM Enabled
Inventory Tracking
• Inventory Management – Barcode and RFID Functionality
• RMA – Replacement Management
Mobile Reporting
• Customizable Mobile Reports
• Attach Pictures to Reports
• Geocoding of Pictures / Data
• Barcode / RFID Support
• Immediately Upload Completed Reports
• Next Dispatched Job Notification
Dispatching Solution for Field Service Activities
• Ideal for Inspections, Service Calls, and Surveys
• Scheduling Administration
• Real-time Location Tracking
• Work Orders, Digital Signature Collection and Time Reporting
Device Management
• Over the Air Device Set-up
• Device Data Encryption
• Real Time Device Location
• Vehicle Location Logging
• On-line / Offline ASSET Tracking
• Enhanced Device Security
Compelling Benefits Ensure Maximum Return On Investment
• Web Services
• Ease of Integration with Existing Enterprise Systems
• Quick Implementation
• Fully Customizable
• Supports Existing Security Models
• Full Service Package Available, Including: Devices, Hosting, and Integration

The following mobile data collection software information from Tracen Technologies will help you implement a mobile data collection project and determine which data collection software tool is best for your project requirements.


Developer Tracen Technologies, Inc.
Website www.commandmobile.net (platform)
www.commandmobile.com (public website)
Summary Tracen’s flagship product, COMMANDmobile®, is a web-based integrated product suite featuring online and offline mobile data collection, intelligent dispatching, web based reporting, job time tracking and job workflow, and role-based security. This cutting-edge system is built on a Dynamic Form Engine that enables organizations to easily build and maintain their own forms, surveys, or inspections.  COMMANDmobile® includes native clients for iPhone, iPad and Windows Mobile and web based support for Android and other mobile computing devices.
Use Cases / Implementations Surveys, Inspections, Surveillance, Field Service Calls, Incident Reporting, Environmental Engineering, Supply Chain, Logistics


Basic Description of System Web based server software provides form creation, account management, and communications services where data is sent and received. Native data collection clients for iOS and Windows Mobile.  Web-based data collection from PCs and other mobile computing platforms.
Data Type Collected Text, Images, GPS
Data Storage Local and Internet-hosted storage; provides features to extract data.
Operating System Multiple options available to run server and/or perform administrative functions; Externally hosted and accessed via browser.
Handset Native clients for iOS and Windows Mobile computing devices. Web-based data entry on other smartphones.
Connectivity Required for server or administrative center tasks. Connection not necessary for devices with native clients; forms can be saved for later transfer.
Network Type GSM / CDMA, GPRS, 3G, EDGE, WiFi
Customization Core application not customizable, but does provide APIs for extending product. Administration console provides interfaces for customizing look and feel, application wording/labels, and turning features on and off for the mobile computing devices.
Tools for Configuration Form creation, role based security, user and group management, administration and configuration of data collection application features, and data viewing are all web based.
Form Questions / Logic Multiple data types and associated questions supported;
Supports branching and jump logic.
Native Data Analysis / Reports Basic web-based reporting
Data Export Export to Excel / CSV
Security Connects to Interview via secure HTTPS protocols. Data stored securely on our servers. Access to forms granted only to specific authenticated mobile computing users.


Purchase Costs Standard Edition (Cloud-based instance):
$24.99 per device/month OR
$64.99 per device/quarter OR
$239.99 per device/year
Enterprise Edition (Hosted, dedicated instance):
$500 one-time setup fee plus $69.99 per device/month.
Development Costs Basic configuration requires no implementation / development services. More advanced implementations require skilled development services.
Connectivity Costs Data (GPRS, EDGE, 3G, WiFi)
Additional Costs Computer, Internet, mobile phones
Licensing Proprietary
Language Administration, Forms, Support is English only
Support Email, Telephone, Case studies, User guides, In-app tutorials, video tutorials, and API technical user guides available. Paid support and training also available.

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