Mobile Data Collection Security Solutions

Mobile Data Collection Security Solutions.

Mobile Security Challenges of Enterprise Data Collection Technologies:

mobile securityData security to and from mobile devices have the same problems and solution space as other data transmissions. Good encryption is the obvious solution for secure transmissions on commercial networks. While Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) has become the tool of choice for securing data and access from mobile devices to backend systems, physical security of local data on the device is also a threat. The use of Smart Card technology is one solution to this mobile security problem, and has been widely adopted by the United States Government for the implementation of physical infrastructure security. The issue with reliance on Smart Card technology for the newer mobile technologies is readers and hardware support for newer operating systems such as iOS and Android are very limited.

Mobile Security Solutions for Enterprise Data Collection:

COMMANDmobile® addresses these mobile security challenges to provide an adaptable, enterprise solution for mobile data collection. The web and mobile components of COMMANDmobile® authenticate with the backend Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) (Microsoft Exchange) server to ensure authorized users access applications. Authenticated user data is stored in encrypted files on the device in order to authenticate the user when the device does not have an active connection to the network. The Windows Mobile solution provides kiosk capabilities which removes the Windows Start menu and restricts access only to applications managed by COMMANDmobile®. A layered security approach is used to ensure an adequate level of mobile security. In order to access web services, user authentication must be performed using username/password or PKI certificates. An authorization token is required in order to execute any web service calls. Additionally the XML Web Services can be secured over HTTPS to provide security while data is in transit.

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