Mobile Data Collection In The Oil And Gas Industries

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As fuel consumption expands worldwide in both consumer and business markets, there has been a demand for technology that leads to more efficient exploration, drilling and production in the oil and gas industries. Fuel industry companies worldwide are venturing into the “digital oil field,” with global digital oil field revenues projected to reach $33.3 billion by 2022.

But oil and gas companies face challenges of their own. The number of sufficiently qualified employees has receded in recent years, which has led to manpower shortages and some difficulty in retaining productivity levels.

The security of internal data is also a concern for oil and gas companies. Since this type of industry data is extremely valuable, ensuring that data is secure as it is transmitted and stored is a top priority.

Other challenges include adhering to government regulations and monitoring environmental safety. Because news coverage of environmental accidents now spreads worldwide in a shorter amount of time, due to the rapidity of news transmission via social media platforms, companies are required to be even more diligent not only to protect their employees, but also to mitigate public relations disasters.

To handle these operational challenges and maximize revenue streams, an increasing number of companies have turned to mobile data collection via smartphones and tablet computers. These devices ease the process of collecting data from wells, equipment and production facilities, enable companies to maintain productivity despite a reduction in a qualified workforce, and enable faster decision making by ensuring quicker, more secure communication between high-level decision makers and field employees.

Investing in a data collection system such as COMMANDmobile® provides a competitive edge for oil and gas companies in a number of ways:

Real-time location tracking: Employee activity may be easily tracked and monitored by supervisors.

Geocoding of pictures/data: Vital images and operating data is easy to capture and tag with geographical information for improved accuracy.

Ease of adaptation: The COMMANDmobile system can be quickly implemented and adopted for use with legacy enterprise software.

Quality customization: COMMANDmobile electronic forms such as work order and surveys can be tailored to suit the unique needs of an organization.

Full-service package availability: If desired, organizations may utilize COMMANDmobile’s full-service package, which includes mobile computing devices, hosting and integration.

Ease of information storage: Oil and gas industry employees working in remote land and off-shore locations may easily store information and transmit data when possible.

COMMANDmobile enables companies to significantly improve productivity and revenue. For more details about COMMANDmobile, visit our website and request a demonstration.

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