Mobile Data Collection In the Mining Industry

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Mobile data collection on wireless devices in the field is expected to increase efficiencies and lower costs in the mining industry.

To thrive in the global marketplace, mining companies remain in constant production around the clock. When a mining corporation experiences an operational shutdown at a site, for instance, it may lose millions of dollars per day

For greater productivity and reductions in operating expenses in this type of 24/7 environment, the mining industry utilizes wireless products to automate some processes. Some mines use video surveillance cameras for the early detection of production issues or malicious intruders, so that these problems that could potentially hinder production can be quickly discovered and resolved. Other uses for wireless products include machine guidance systems, water monitoring and control, conveyor system monitoring and alarm systems.

In the future, it appears that recording and capturing data on wireless devices such as smartphones and tablet computers will assume much more prominence in the mining industry. Data collected by these wireless devices can streamline health and safety inspections, environmental impact assessments and environmental monitoring since users will possess the ability to easily record important data more accurately. As a result, recording information on mobile devices reduces the necessity of using paper forms and the possibility of manual errors decreases when company employees transfer data to office computers.

Since mining is a highly-regulated industry due to the risks it creates to human health and its potential ability to cause long-term or permanent damage to the environment, accurate data is crucial to ensuring legal compliance with mining-related government regulations. Improved data collection helps mining corporations to act on problems more promptly and avoid expensive fines as the result of failing to adhere to government standards regarding site safety.

For mining companies extracting coal, copper, gold, silver, sand, stone, zinc and other raw materials from surface mines or sub-surface (underground) mines, a mobile data collection platform such as COMMANDmobile® has multiple benefits:

  • Convenient two-way communication between central offices and remote field sites
  • Easier access to up-to-date and accurate data
  • Improved real-time decision making
  • Better-quality progress reports from remote sites
  • Enhanced productivity and worker safety through faster reporting of potential mine safety problems
  • Ease of use by field employees
  • Customizable survey forms
  • Convenient data transfer and storage
  • Efficient geo-tagging capability to ensure easier monitoring of employee movement between multiple work sites
  • Large-scale data storage capability

To learn more about COMMANDmobile and its capabilities, request a demo or view the COMMANDmobile product information video.

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