Mobile Data Collection Improving Natural Resource Conservation

In different geographical areas around the world, drought remains a persistent problem that is difficult for many communities to solve.

Photograph: Mohamed Abd El Ghany/Corbis

Photograph: Mohamed Abd El Ghany/Corbis

According to U.S. journalist Suzanne Goldenberg’s February 2014 story for The Guardian, “Why global water shortages pose threat of terror and war,” over one billion people worldwide lack access to safe drinking water.

Lack of sufficient water affects humans, animals and the environment. Water shortages disrupt humans’ quality of life, cause livestock deaths and impede the ability of farmers to water their crops. Similarly, a decrease in available water supplies affects industries that rely on water-based manufacturing processes, leads to unhealthy changes in air quality and accelerates soil erosion.

Soil erosion and degradation is equally problematic on a global scale, according to DC-based wildlife conservation organization World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Over half of the topsoil on Earth has been lost in the last 150 years, resulting in serious decreases in soil quality and nutrient degradation. The WWF also notes that increased water pollution due to soil erosion interferes with the flow of water through rivers and lakes and creates declines in the population of species such as fish and other animals.

As more conservation organizations realize the convenience provided by using smartphones and tablet computers to conduct field surveys and perform other work, mobile data collection systems such as COMMANDmobile® should become more prevalent. COMMANDmobile provide diverse advantages, such as:

1. Ease of installation on smartphones and tablet computers. COMMANDmobile works in conjunction with iPads, iPhones, Androids and other mobile devices.

2. Versatility. COMMANDmobile is adaptable for monitoring the presence and quality of multiple natural resources such as water, soil, air or vegetation.

3. Customization. Field employees can tailor COMMANDmobile’s survey forms to suit the specific requirements of field surveys.

4. Accuracy. Because field employees enter information electronically rather than using paper forms, COMMANDmobile decreases the risk of data errors as information is transferred from paper forms to computers.

5. Speed. COMMANDmobile simplifies data collection at field sites and helps field employees to send their survey results to supervisors more quickly.

6. Efficiency. By helping decision makers to better understand where natural resource problems are in existence, COMMANDmobile assists resource managers to make more informed decisions about which geographical areas require aid.

7. Security. COMMANDmobile’s software has auto-wipe capabilities and other security precautions to protect valuable data in the event that a smartphone or tablet computer is lost or stolen.

To learn more about COMMANDmobile and its mobile data collection capabilities, ask for a demo account or view our product information video.

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