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The management of commercial, industrial and residential properties requires a considerable investment in time and finances from property management companies. Prompt and thorough maintenance ensures harmonious relationships between tenants and property managers. In addition, regular inspection and maintenance by company employees or vendors wards off weather-related deterioration which adversely affects property values.

Property management typically involves many facets. Property management companies perform a variety of duties such as listing properties for rent, finding tenants, investigating each tenant’s credit record and other financial information, negotiating leases, collecting rent, evicting tenants who fail to pay their rent and ensuring that properties they manage remain in compliance with legal codes. Other tasks of property management companies include working with vendors who perform exterior maintenance to lawns, shrubbery or walkways or interior maintenance such as office equipment or residential appliances.

With interior maintenance, such as the repair of broken windows or leaking pipes, the repair process may be particularly time-consuming. Typically, a tenant reports a problem to a property manager, the manager arranges for a maintenance employee to fix the problem and a paper work order is generated. After receiving the work order, the maintenance employee arrives at the work site, repairs the problem and returns the work order to a central office for filing.

Converting this type of paper-based system into a mobile-based electronic system utilizing handheld smartphones and tablet computers has its advantages, especially for larger management companies with multiple properties to maintain. The use of a mobile system reduces the possibility of accidental errors when data regarding repairs is put into the system, and employees working in the field can be easily notified of repair problems and dispatched from one property to another as new problems occur.

A mobile-based electronic system also allows data reports about residential or commercial properties to be quickly generated. The resulting reports can then be analyzed and more informed decisions can be made in regard to the productivity of vendors and the profitability of real estate properties.

By investing in a mobile-based system and integrating the COMMANDmobile® system into property management companies, managers benefit through the following:

  • ŸReal-time location tracking: COMMANDmobile’s geotagging feature ensures that managers can easily track the progress of field workers.
  • ŸMobile dispatching: If urgent repairs are needed, employees or vendors may be quickly notified and dispatched to areas where they are most necessary.
  • ŸFlexibility: The COMMANDmobile system is adaptable for different mobile devices and platforms.

According to a July 2013 Emergence Capital article, real estate is a $1 trillion asset class and now is the time to invest in “mobile-first” real estate technology. As the use of smartphones and other mobile technology continues to expand, it appears likely that the convenience of mobile technology will dominate the sectors of real estate and property management in the years to come.

To view a demo of the COMMANDmobile system, contact us for more information.

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