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The supply chain from manufacturers to end users requires regular management to ensure that it functions as smoothly as possible. In the typical supply chain business model, a vendor produces a product, the product travels to a warehouse through a transporter and it stays in the warehouse for a predetermined time. The product then leaves the warehouse to travel to a retail business and is purchased by an end user.

However, various issues may occur within the supply chain to impede its efficiency. Weather may adversely affect produce such as fruits or vegetables or can damage the raw materials used to create other products. Products may suffer physical damage during transit or may spoil before they are moved from a warehouse. Some products may be overstocked and fail to sell as much as predicted by business analysts, or products may prove extremely popular among consumers and sell out.

For decades, businesses have utilized spreadsheets, scanner systems, bar codes and other inventory management tools to track their inventory, determine fluctuations in demand for products, and determine the benefits of promotional offers. With these tools, companies decrease unnecessary expenditures and increase their efficiency.

As smartphones and mobile computers became more affordable and prevalent in the workplace, they have played an important role in saving companies more time and money. Mobile data collection with these electronic products has proven to be easier, faster and more accurate because the need for paper-based inventory forms has decreased and there is less risk of errors as data is transferred from inventory forms to computers.

Mobile data collection is particularly important in inventory management since it helps to decrease expensive overbuying. According to California-based retail consulting firm RMSA Retail Solutions, overbuying inventory is the top reason American merchants go out of business and merchants compensate by making about $200 billion of markdowns per year.

By adopting a mobile data collection system such as COMMANDmobile® for inventory management, companies can significantly improve the performance of a supply chain and their inventory management. Additional benefits include:

Flexibility: COMMANDmobile can be used in both a network-connected environment or a disconnected environment.

Security: Data stored on smartphones and tablet computers used in the COMMANDmobile system remains secure and safe from competitors.

Rapid implementation: Applications used with COMMANDmobile are easy for company employees to learn, and the COMMANDmobile system is easy to integrate with existing company software.

To obtain further details about COMMANDmobile, request a demo account or view our introductory video.

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