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Mobile DevicesThere is no common programming language for mobile applications development on all mobile device platforms. For example, to develop and deploy applications for iPhones and iPads, an Apple Macintosh and membership in the Apple developers group with a small annual fee is required. Windows Mobile devices are able to utilize .NET applications. Android devices are able to utilize Java applications. Apple Objective C is similar to Visual C#, but is only supported in native Macintosh environments.

While many useful apps can be created using “write once deploy to multiple devices” approaches (i.e. mobile web), taking maximum advantage of a device’s features (including local data management) still requires applications that are “native” to the device. This mobile applications development environment will likely continue to be the case as it is a point of competition between the major OS/device manufacturers.

Mobile applications development is rapidly becoming a more complex problem in the mobile application space than it ever was with desktop computing – with at least 6 operating systems and an equal number of major programming languages contending for next-generation superiority.

COMMANDmobile provides native application support for Apple iOS 4.2 and higher and Windows Mobile 5.x and higher devices. Supported devices include iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Windows Mobile Smartphones, and Windows Mobile devices.

COMMANDmobile’s Dynamic Form Engine allows for the creation of new data collection forms for multiple device platforms without requiring any application development expertise. If you can use a web browser, you can build a new form or edit an existing one. The same form can be used on all devices supported by the COMMANDmobile platform.

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