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In her February 2013 blog post, Mobile and Social Technologies for Data Collection, Jennifer Romano Bergstrom, Ph.D., a Senior Research Team Project Leader at Fors Marsh Group, summarizes a short course presented by Michael W. Link, SVP/Chief Methodologist at The Nielsen Company.

Dr. Link’s research efforts focus on developing methodologies for confronting the most pressing issues facing measurement science, including improving participation and data quality, using of multiple modes in data collection, and utilizing new technologies such as mobile platforms and social media.

The class notes below outline Dr. Link’s presentation, which covers four broad areas:

  • Review of new technologies and their impact on data collection
  • Current and potential future uses of new technology devices and platforms including smartphones (for surveys, GPS, and visual data collection), Internet-based data capture (beyond Web surveys), and leveraging social network platforms (surveys and other forms of information).
  • Uses of smartphones and social media technologies, both as modes of conducting traditional surveys as well as data collection vehicles in their own right.
  • Guidance on how data collection software and tools can be developed, tested and deployed in a more efficient and effective manner.
Here are just a few excerpts from Dr. Bergstrom’s notes:
  • Mobile is another mode of data collection
    • Feature phones (limited mobile functions, such as texting)
    • Smartphones (allows for email, applications and Internet)
    • Tablets (portable PC with touchscreen)
  • There are 4 ways to deal with web surveys via mobile
    • Don’t make any changes to online surveys (bad idea)
    • Block mobile respondents (bad idea)
    • Optimize a version for mobile platforms (good idea)
    • Create an online version that is accessible on any device (best idea)
  • There are so many data collection possibilities with smartphones
    • Phone—auditory survey
    • Internet—link to online survey
    • Application—self-administered survey app; app-based data collection
    • Texting; SMS—Standardized short questions and responses to / from phone
    • Email
    • Camera—visual data capture
    • Social media—social data capture
    • GPS—location/check in
    • Barcode scanner
    • Audio recording; oral instructions; training
Interested in learning more? Follow Dr. Link on Twitter @MLink01.

COMMANDmobile® Is a Data Collection Software that is Ideal For Numerous Applications:

Mobile Applications
• Mobile Inspections
• Mobile Surveys
• Mobile Invoicing / Sales
• Mobile Credit Card Processing
• Wi-Fi / CDMA / GSM Enabled
Inventory Tracking
• Inventory Management – Barcode and RFID Functionality
• RMA – Replacement Management
Mobile Reporting
• Customizable Mobile Reports
• Attach Pictures to Reports
• Geocoding of Pictures / Data
• Barcode / RFID Support
• Immediately Upload Completed Reports
• Next Dispatched Job Notification
Dispatching Solution for Field Service Activities
• Ideal for Inspections, Service Calls, and Surveys
• Scheduling Administration
• Real-time Location Tracking
• Work Orders, Digital Signature Collection and Time Reporting
Device Management
• Over the Air Device Set-up
• Device Data Encryption
• Real Time Device Location
• Vehicle Location Logging
• On-line / Offline ASSET Tracking
• Enhanced Device Security
Compelling Benefits Ensure Maximum Return On Investment
• Web Services
• Ease of Integration with Existing Enterprise Systems
• Quick Implementation
• Fully Customizable
• Supports Existing Security Models
• Full Service Package Available, Including: Devices, Hosting, and Integration

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