Human Resources and the Chief Technology Officer Team Up

New_Champions_2012Human Resource departments, the Chief Technology Officer and many other people and areas within an organization have the ability to affect worker productivity and worker satisfaction while effectively integrating mobile data collection into their workforce. The Chief Technology Officer is constantly seeking and gathering information about new technology out on the market. As the Chief Technology Officer invests in new software and devices, the changes affect the organization as a whole. In order to best cater to employees, the Chief Technology Officer and Human Resources departments must be in sync to help facilitate the organizational change. Take a look at how mobile data collection and mobile data devices can help your company. Mobile data collection is a hot market item that has saved organizations not only time but money as well.

Customizable Interfaces – Add your own logo, background and color scheme to make the mobile data collection forms look like your own. Not only will personalization better promote your company and get your brand image out there, it will also create unity with your employees. The advanced technology that the Chief Technology Officer implements can help foster the sense of belonging that the Human Resources department has tried so hard to maintain and grow within the organization. Take a look at the effects of personalization across various contexts.

After taking a look across industries and realizing the drastic increase in conversion rates once personalization is increased, applying the concept to mobile data collection is almost a no brainer. SES Magazine reports that “deep personalization techniques have delivered far more relevant web experiences, increased conversion rates by 70 percent, and reduced ad campaign costs by as much as 50 percent.” Applying customization to sites and forms obviously produces a positive return on investment and there are plenty more reasons why increasing your brand image would profitable in all areas of business, including mobile forms and mobile data collection.

To take another peek into the value of personalization, check out the recent study posted on The study demonstrates the increased attraction and sense of belonging when a company really takes the time to get to know their workers and their customers. Summarized via OnTraqBlog, the study found that the companies using heavy personalization and behavior-based segmentation have average click-through rate three times the typical rates.

LDAP User Authentication – By using LDAP User Authentication, you are getting the best of the best to secure your network and protect your mobile data collection devices and data. Help your workers feel secure in their work while gaining favor across departments such as with the Human Resources department, by fostering trust in the security of the organization.

Ponemon Institute and Hewlett-Packard provide Several Key Facts from This Study Displaying the Importance of Security:

  • Doubled, over the past 3 years – the number of cyber attacks targeting US organizations.
  • 2012 average – 102 successful attacks per week – organizations undergoing attacks.
  • 2011 average – 72 attacks
  • 2010 average – 50 attacks
  • Average losses – $8.9 million, up six percent from 2011 and 38 percent increase over 2010.
  • 44 percent – percent of loses accounted for through information theft
  • 30 percent – lost productivity
  • Average time to resolve a cyber attack – 24 days. It can take up to 50 days.

Talk about a headache for the Chief Technology Officer if their devices or database is hacked. Not only a pain for Chief Technology Officers, the Human Resources department will have its hands full as well if cuts need to be made as a result of profit loss. Make sure your organization never has to face that situation, adequately protect your people as they use mobile data collection.

The above features of mobile data collection are just a few that your company can pick and choose from. Check out COMMAND Mobile to learn more about mobile data collection and how this new technology can propel your organization forward.

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