Healthcare Information Technology Improves Mobile Monitoring and Evaluation

EHR (electronic health records)

EHR (electronic health records) (Photo credit: Yann Ropars)

In this emerging era of big data, cloud computing, electronic health records (EHRs), and mobile healthcare, we are beginning to observe and measure the impact of digital healthcare information technology and the use of mobile devices for healthcare monitoring and evaluation.

A recent article in Nursing Times; 109: 11, 16-18, summarizes the finding of the Mobile Health Worker Project. The results provide a clear picture of how mobile devices could benefit health professionals and the care that can be offered to patients.

  1. Mobile working improves the work-life balance of healthcare professionals
  2. Real-time access to clinical data improves decision making
  3. Mobile solutions improve productivity, efficiency and safety
  4. Mobile healthcare information technology eliminates redundant data collection
  5. Mobile technology generates cost savings in admissions and referrals

According to  the premier association of health information management (HIM) professionals in America (AHIMA), U.S. healthcare is on the cusp of major advances in remote monitoring capabilities—specifically mobile health (mHealth)—which stands to take real-time data directly from the device or patient to the data center to enhance patient safety and outcomes.

A Cornell Medical College study reports that physicians who used commercially available electronic health records (EHRs) provided significantly better quality of care than physicians using paper records for four measures: diabetic blood glucose testing, breast cancer screening, sexually transmitted disease screening and colorectal cancer screening.

A report from the GSMA and PricewaterhouseCoopers estimates that mobile healthcare information technology could save developed countries $400 billion in 2017. Here are four uses of mobile technology that could help make that happen:

  1. Mobile care for sudden health incidents
  2. Remote patient home monitoring
  3. Mobile access to electronic health records
  4. SMS reminders for scheduling appointments (and taking medication)

A study conducted by CompTIA, a non-profit trade association, listed 11 Top Priorities for Healthcare Providers in 2013:

  • Improve patient care/patient satisfaction — 63 percent
  • Grow practice/find new revenue opportunities — 58 percent
  • Reduce operational or overhead costs — 58 percent
  • Increase staff productivity — 54 percent
  • Implement/improve workflow efficiencies — 49 percent
  • Implement/improve electronic health records system — 39 percent
  • Improve risk management and compliance — 34 percent
  • Improve overall technical skill level of staff — 31 percent
  • Implement/improve new IT equipment — 29 percent
  • Implement/improve other software systems — 29 percent
  • Implement/improve the use of mobile devices, mobile access to information — 22 percent
  • Implement/improve broadband, Wifi or other networks — 17 percent

Mobile healthcare information technology, including electronic health records and mobile data collection solutions, has been shown to increase patient satisfaction, enhance work-life balance among healthcare providers, improve decision making, reduce costs of data collection, and improve access to real-time clinical information.

COMMAND Mobile offers an out-of-the-box solution to the challenges of mobile data collection in the digital age of healthcare, with the following benefits:

  • Increases Productivity – allows healthcare workers to be mobile while providing secure, real-time access to centralized back-end data records
  • Eliminates Redundancy – patient data is entered once and transmit it to everyone who needs it in minutes
  • Improves Workforce Management – physicians and office managers can direct tasks to staff based on their locations, using the GPS tracking and mapping feature
  • Reduces Implementation Time – with its easy-to-use form generator, data collection forms can be created on the fly to accommodate the data requirements of any application, for any industry.

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