GPS Fleet Tracking Can Improve Your Fleet Management ROI

It has been proven that GPS fleet tracking and mobile fleet management software can provide an enormous return on investment. We noted previously in our post about mobile tracking devices how companies can trace and analyze driving patterns, monitor driver behavior, calculate the most efficient driving route for drivers; monitor fuel used, and minimize opportunities to use time inefficiently to reduce costs and improve dispatch times for a scattered workforce.

The two factors that stand in the way of making this a reality for most small to medium size companies are the logistics of implementation and cost of enterprise fleet management software. Tracen developed COMMAND Mobile® so Small to Medium Size companies can take advantage of the increased efficiency and productivity that many large companies like UPS ® and Hertz ®have come to enjoy at a cost that does not break the bank.

COMMAND Mobile GPS fleet tracking and fleet management software supports dispatching, device and vehicle location tracking as well as real time upload and download to provide a total workforce solution.

GPS Fleet Tracking and Fleet Management Software Features

Dispatching for Field Service Activities
• Ideal for Inspections, Service Calls, and Surveys
• Scheduling Administration
• Real-time Location Tracking
• Work Orders, Digital Signature Collection, and Time Reporting

Device Management
• Over the Air Device Set-up
• Device Data Encryption
• Vehicle Location Logging
• On-line / Offline ASSET Tracking
• Enhanced Device Security

GPS Fleet Tracking
•Locate and Dispatch
•View Route History
•Real Time Proximities to Jobs

A Full Service Enterprise Solution Provider for Mobile Data Collection & Workforce Management

We recognize that small to medium size companies don’t always have the IT resources to build and integrate new mobile data collection and fleet management software systems into their enterprise. We are able to provide a full service package including devices, database hosting, and software systems integration. Our full service support allows our customers to concentrate on their business while be build and implement a mobile solution that changes the way they do business.

Do you want to see COMMAND in action? Request a Demo Account

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  1. Martin Thompson says

    Very deep analysis. I am using a geotab from gofleet for my Peugeot Bipper.
    I have used few other devices. They are really very good and can increase rate of investment and gives a time to time report of my vehicle.

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