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COMMANDmobile ReportingWith COMMANDmobile® Mobile Reporting for iPad, iPhone, and Windows Mobile, field users have an “Enterprise Ready” tool for data collection and workforce management. Deployment of a mobile infrastructure requires more than just a platform for collecting data. With useful workforce management features such as location based dispatching, real time device tracking with GPS, LDAP user authentication, and online/offline dynamic forms, this application provides a turnkey solution for implementation of mobile data collection within your organization.

Utilized by small, medium, and large commercial companies as well as government and non-profit agencies, Tracen’s mobile solutions have provided enterprise level data collection applications and workforce management services across many platforms. This proven technology is now available on the iPad, iPhone and Windows Mobile.

Using the COMMANDmobile® web-based portal users are able to develop and deploy forms of varying complexity in support of:

  • Inspections
  • Surveys
  • Work-Orders
  • Audits
  • Clinical Trials

Key Application Features Include:

  • User Defined Mobile Reports
  • Attaching Pictures to Reports
  • Geocoding of Pictures / Data
  • Real Time uploading of reports as they are completed
  • Notifications of Next Dispatched Job
  • Real Time Device Tracking (GPS)

Now with COMMANDmobile SE users can subscribe to create and edit your own digital forms and collect, upload, and view reports of data collected in the field.

Learn more about mobile workforce management with COMMANDmobile®

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