Executive Staff

DeAnna Davidson, President

DeAnna Davidson is a proven technologist and business leader who is passionate about the power of mobile computing to revolutionize a business or industry, and is dedicated to helping organizations use mobile, wireless, and web technologies to their advantage.
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“My passion for technology, spirit of entrepreneurship, and drive for success have allowed me to contribute to the success of a number of startup companies, including my own. Tracen Technologies has enjoyed average annual revenue growth of 131% each year since its inception in October 2000.”

Specialties: Mobile application development, mobile device recommendations, enterprise wide device management policies and strategies, field data collection.

Jason Davidson, Vice President

Jason Davidson has over fifteen years of work related experience in computer software design, development, administration, security, communications technology, and project leadership. He is proficient in many computer languages and software development methodologies (.NET, JAVA, AGILE, etc.).
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“I have built and improved development departments from the ground up, with a strong business and technical background that allows me to communicate well with developers as well as upper management and customers. I have a proven track record and many letters of commendation for superior performance.”

Specialties: Enterprise Architect