Cloud Computing is Transforming the Energy Industry

data centerCloud computing and mobile data collection are soaring throughout industry and the home. They are stamping their marks as time-efficient and money-saving tools with limitless possibilities. Many industries, such as the energy industry, are leaping forward and taking the dive into the technology world and arising with new opportunities and happier workers who are bringing their own mobile devices into the workplace. Some industries, however, are still on the verge of catching on to the new trends. Take for example the healthcare industry. Forbes and Anoto point out that 80% of health professionals still use paper forms and records. Many health offices are sticking to paper forms and have not switched to cloud computing and mobile data collection on mobile devices.

What is the Cloud and Cloud Computing?

The following is an overly simplified version of what the “cloud” is, but this definition covers the basics. Think about all of the pictures you look at through Flickr, and the music you listen to through iTunes and Pandora. You do not have to store those pictures or music on your computer or mobile devices because they are being held somewhere else, in the cloud. Instead of jamming up your hard drive space or the limited storage on mobile devices, now data files are stored in the cloud. Not only is this situation applicable for personal life, it is also very beneficial in the workplace such as within the energy industry, where tracking energy sources and maintenance needs in real-time is crucial.

Cloud computing and mobile data collection technologies are forcing changes in the very methods that industry verticals have been so accustomed to performing in the past. Now with the new and capable technology, the “old” ways of doing things are not enough to keep up with the competition. Innovation and collaboration are transforming not only the workplace, but the entire world. The following is an industry specific example as we peer into the energy industry. Such pressures are being felt right now in the energy industry with the Renewable Identification Number (RIN) system. RINs are difficult to track and as a result, fraud has been an issue within the energy industry, especially surrounding oil and gas. Perhaps, utilizing the cloud and mobile data collection would be a great option for the energy and oil and gas industries.

Cloud Perceptions – Consumer Viewpoint:

Forbes reports, “Incredibly, only 16% of people can explain what cloud computing is, a recent survey said. Most believed it was about drugs, pillows, the weather, or toilet paper. Of the more than 1,000 Americans surveyed, more than half initially reported that they’d never used it. However, further questioning revealed that 95% of those surveyed do actually use popular cloud services like Gmail, iTunes, or Amazon.”

As was pointed out in the articles, many people are using cloud systems without even realizing it. Their mobile devices are being used as mobile data collection devices but the users do not understand the technology at their fingertips. Many people are using the technology without understanding the technology itself. But, how many of us really understand how a computer functions, yet most of us use a computer each and every day?

Another Forbes’ report writes that a recent survey by Citrix and Wakefield Research said there were 3 main reasons why individuals were wary of using cloud computing — cost (34%), security concerns (32%), and privacy worries (31%). As was seen with the recent hacks to sites such as Yahoo and LinkedIn, the security and privacy hacks are oftentimes the result of the end-user using easy passwords for multiple sites. This is the same issue that is occurring with cloud computing, the end-user is using faulty passwords but misconceiving the problem to be the platform itself, in this case – cloud computing.

Make sure you and your company use creative passwords as you set out to launch your business into a new world of efficiency and innovation by using mobile data collection and cloud computing. Check out COMMANDmobile for more information and to find the best tool for you and your workers.

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